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Bahrain, the Philippines, and Vietnam became new IBHRE recipient countries in 2013!

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Computer Based Testing

Computer based testing (CBT), provides an accessible and secure setting for candidates to take the IBHRE exam. Take the CBT tutorial to see how easy it is!

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Computer Based Testing

IBHRE currently offers two specialty certifications for allied professionals, which are each administered once a year. Exams offered are:

IBHRE has also administered a Japanese-language exam for Competency in Allied Professional Pacing in the Japanese language . This is done in conjunction with the Japanese Heart Rhythm Society.


“IBHRE certification is sought and obtained by the best and brightest. It means these individuals care about EP/devices and keep up with current changes. Having patients ask if staff is IBHRE certified increases the value of the certification for employers, thus making an IBHRE certified employee more valuable.”


Achieving Global Excellence in Heart Rhythm Management

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