IBHRE Certified Professional: Sarah A. Worsnick, PAC, FHRS, CCDS, CEPS

Sarah A. Worsnick

As a Physician Assistant with three years of cardiology background, I switched exclusively to Electrophysiology in 2012.  I was fortunate to have two wonderful attending physicians who encouraged me to complete both device and EP IBHRE certifications. I was a little nervous being so new to EP but with the help of Dr. Dandamudi and Dr. Vijayaraman, I began preparing for these exams. 

I passed the CCDS exam in 2013. Studying for this exam in itself brought me so much knowledge, and quicker than if I was just going about daily practice. Having that knowledge gave me the confidence I needed to work independently in a busy practice, both in the clinic and on the inpatient floors

I signed up for the CEPS exam the following year. I spent time in the lab in addition to reading on my own. This gave me a better understanding of what went on in the lab and in turn I was more prepared to answer my patients' questions as well as make decisions about their care. I successfully passed the CEPS exam in 2014. 

 Overall, preparing for and taking these tests (although not recognized by my institution) has significantly improved the way I work and the way I take care of patients. By having a timeline to study for, it forced me to stay on track and quickly reach my goals. 

I would strongly recommend all EP Allied Professionals to consider taking these exams to better prepare them to care for patients with heart rhythm issues. 


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