International Partnership

In 2007, IBHRE formed a strategic partnership with the Japanese Heart Rhythm Society. IBHRE representatives worked closely with their Japanese counterparts to develop an examination that met the requirements mandated by the Japanese Ministry of Health. Requirements stipulated that all professionals in the medical device industry who have direct contact with cardiac patients must be nationally certified. Under this collaboration Japan allied professionals may earn the Certified Cardiac Device Specialist - Japan Device Representative  (CCDS-JDR) credential. The exam is intended to ensure a standard knowledge base for those involved in assisting physicians and other health care professionals in the implant and management of pacemakers and ICDs.

Contact the Secretariat of the Japan CDR Center for more information.

About the Japanese Exam:

  • More than 600 examinees completed the first exam.
  • The IBHRE and Japan partnership serves as a model for exams specifically tailored to meet the knowledge requirements of a health care system outside of the United States.

IBHRE welcomes the opportunity to work with all international heart rhythm organizations. For more information, please email us at


Inaugural Committees: 

Japan Editorial Committee 

Toshiyuki Ishikawa, MD
Committee Chair
Yokohama City University

Yoshinori Kobayashi, MD
Tokai University Hachioji Hospital

Takashi Kurita, MD
Kinki University School of Medicine

Akihiko Nogami, MD, PhD
University of Tsukuba

Japan Test Translation Committee

Katsuhiko Imai, MD
Hiroshima University

Takashi Kurita, MD
Kinki University School of Medicine

Toru Maruyama, MD
Kyusyu University Institute of Heath Science

Yasushi Miyauchi, MD
Nippon Medical School

Takashi Noda, MD, PhD
National Cardiovascular Center

Masahiko Takagi, MD
Osaka City University

Naohiko Takahashi, MD
Oita University